Conspiracy Theories Debunked
A podcast Exploring the wild world of the paranoid american

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This is the podcast they don’t want you to hear. They don't want you to know the truth. They want you to be scared and ignorant. They want to turn you against your friends, family, and neighbors. They want to isolate you and will tell you that they are the only ones you can trust. They have attained the highest levels of power in politics and the media. They threaten our very existence on this planet. They don't care about you and they certainly don't want you to listen to this podcast.

I know I sound crazy but just give me a chance.

You are probably wondering who this mysterious "they" is. Well, it's the racists, grifters, scammers, quacks, charlatans, and the true believers. They are the conspiracy theorists. They don't want you to listen because I'm exposing them. They want to be able to spread their disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda without being challenged. They want to continue to profit from tricking the gullible with spectacle and doublespeak.

Conspiracy theories are nothing new, but the internet has allowed them to spread and multiply like never before. Rumors and lies spread like wildfire on social media. Blogs, YouTube and podcasts allow anyone to communicate with an audience directly without any oversight. True believers, governments, political parties, and grifters have seen this as an opportunity to accomplish their goals.

On each episode of Conspiracy Theories Debunked, I'll explain a conspiracy theory as best I can. Then I'll debunk it. Although usually they just kind of debunk themselves. I'll also occasionally include stories about cryptids, the paranormal, scams, cons, and maybe even a few conspiracy theories that are actually true.

It's kind of like unsolved mysteries but without the mystery.

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